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EndoTherm testing is one of the most accurate, non-invasive methods available for early detection of endothelial dysfunction and poor vascular reactivity.

Vascular reactivity is a vital part of ensuring adequate blood flow through alterations of vessel tone and diameter in response to body demands. Healthier arteries have higher vasodilative capacity (ability of the vessel to relax) which allows more blood and oxygen to pass through the artery or vessel. Multiple factors, including well-known cardiovascular risk factors (hypertension, diabetes and smoking), as well as genetic, environmental, and other detrimental factors, reduce the vasodilative capacity.

Decreased vascular reactivity correlates to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

How does EndoTherm work?

A CardioRisk-trained technologist places two fingertip probes and blood pressure cuffs on each arm. An automated blood pressure measurement is taken, followed by cuff occlusion (pumping up of the blood pressure cuff) on a single arm. During the cuff occlusion, which lasts 2 to 5 minutes, the fingertip temperature on the occluded hand falls due to the absence of warm circulating blood. Once the cuff is released, blood flow rushes into the forearm and hand, causing a temperature rebound in the fingertip that is directly proportional to the vascular reactivity. The procedure is painless and requires no disrobing or needle sticks. The entire procedure can be completed in approximately 15 minutes.

What happens next? (The results)

After carefully reviewing your test results, your physician schedules a time to review them with you. Based on your results, there may not be a need for immediate follow-up, so your physician may not schedule another EndoTherm test for a year or so. If your results show increased risk, your physician may prescribe various medications and/or lifestyle modifications. Just like blood pressure, the endothelium (artery lining) is very responsive to treatment, so your physician may use EndoTherm to monitor your progress and the effectiveness of your treatment up to a few times each year.

How much does EndoTherm cost?

Many insurance companies cover this procedure if you have known risk factors for heart disease. To learn if you have any of these specific risk factors, please consult your physician.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of morbidity and mortality in the Americas and Europe.

CardioRisk Laboratories, a world-class service company, is committed to the early detection and monitoring of cardiovascular disease.

Value for Patients:

  • Provides physicians’ offices with proprietary tests which help to identify cardiovascular disease in its early stages, guiding medical treatment in patients now, rather than surgical intervention later.
  • Utilizes FDA- cleared equipment, patented software, and nationally recognized protocols. Our tests are administered by highly trained staff, each of whom have been certified using the most rigid scientific methodologies and quality standards in health care.
  • Provides testing at physicians’ offices and wellness centers throughout the US. For physicians and patients who are passionate about prevention, CardioRisk Laboratories provides these relatively inexpensive tests in a service-based business model which meets the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior.

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